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Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Control Enchantment Infinite Combo W/U/B (Esper)



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This deck uses Zur as a tutor in the command zone to either grab an answer to a threat or to produce a combo piece to win the game instantly. You'll be mainly tutoring out Rest in Peace, Power Artifact or Necropotence. The first two can win the game on the same turn whereas Necropotence is there to draw you a massive amount of cards for winning on the following turn. The rest of the deck is typical Esper control with a heavy tutor package. Daybreak Coronet, Steel of the Godhead and Empyrial Armor are there as a backup win condition if you cannot combo off, you can revert to pillow forting or beating them down with commander damage. You gain life in the process which feeds Necropontence to keep your hand at a full grip. This deck is fairly quick as the average goldfish wins on turn 5 with one swing of Zur.


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xeotech says... #1

outofnothing0 Thanks! Imprisoned in the Moon is hilariously good, which I'm sure you can see why. I almost felt bad putting it on a guy's Omnath with Greater Auramancy in play. Do you have any suggestions? I need a Flusterstorm instead of Dispel but I don't own one. I'm also on the fence about Ghostly Prison. I'd probably rather have Propaganda so it can be pitched to Force of Will but then there's Energy Field and Web of Inertia which combo with Rest in Peace.

January 10, 2017 8 a.m.

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