Zur the Enchanter fetches enchantments. Everybody knows that. Creatures with defender can't attack. Everybody knows that too. But, Zur can fetch High Alert , the latest "defenders can attack" card. Not everybody knows that. So, after noticing that Zur can fetch Alert, I took the only logical course of action; build an Esper-colored defender deck, headed by Zur. Now, we've got Zur at the head, so it would be a waste to not have enchantment goodies in our deck for him to fetch, so there's have an enchantments subtheme. Besides the Zur enchantment package, this is basically Defender.dec: The whole plan is basically get a bunch of fat walls out, tutor out High Alert , and swing for an obnoxious amount ( Tree of Perdition for 40, anyone?) Threats can be eliminated with Zur's wonderful tutor effect, and it can be doubled up with Strionic Resonator . Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive takes us to a whole other level, making our walls unblockable ( Tree of Perdition again! And you can't block it this time!) The Zur Enchantments help shut down our opponents, from Sky Tether and Deep Freeze to shut down commanders (I'm looking at you, Kaalia of the Vast ), to Authority of the Consuls and As Foretold to slow opponents and speed us up. A few enchantments give unblockable, too, if we can't get Tetsuko out. There's also the lovely "Combat damage? Hah!" combo that is Phyrexian Unlife + Solemnity .

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are appreciated, as my meta is rather casual and I'd like to see how this holds up under more competitive scrutiny.


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