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Zur and Sivvi - Combo Couple

Commander / EDH Combo Control Jank WUB (Esper)



Type-manipulation toolbox-like deck that uses Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero in conjunction with Arcane Adaptation to be able to tutor up pieces for an infinite of your choice. Zur the Enchanter helps find the enchants to make everything work.

Arcane Adaptation is a strange card, affecting cards both in your graveyard and deck. This turns Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero from a xenophobic past-her-time jerkface into a hyper-flexible wonder worker. Not only can she tutor every single creature in your deck regardless of its original type, but she can also find and recycle removal like Crib Swap !

It also has a low attack theme, so it can benefit from cards like Meekstone // Retribution of the Meek if you decide to play like that. I'm currently running Crackdown which works really well with Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience -- though those felt too unfun for me to put in (i'm already running board-wipes...).

The below is a work in progress; I've made a lot of changes recently that invalidate some of what's written. Please keep that in mind when reading.

sivvi's way cooler than that lame-o card.

how to kill the other guys 2 UPDATE!

to reiterate, go infinite via...

This deck runs a lot of colorless ramp. Might not makes sense at first for a tri-color deck to do this, but as it turns out, Rebels are the backbone of the build, and that's all they require! Playing things properly can give you a solid 1-2 turn advantage over playing a more "stable" landbase.

//artifacts, list needs to be updated

In general, counterspells are your primary form of defense. There's other options, though

yeah just like... counter and play around stuff, man. you have a lot of counterspells and don't have to pop off right away.

when i was building my meek shirei deck, i came across the card Trait Doctoring while trying to find interesting synergies and win-cons. researching its uses online, i learned a lot about type/color manipulation, and also about how genuinely awful the card was. in a stroke of luck, however, Arcane Adaptation , another card that piked my interest, ended up being far, far more usable. being tutorable by none other than Zur the Enchanter , a card i'm sure everyone is familiar with, the options for how exactly the deck would be composed were overwhelming. considering my favorite colors are those of Esper and i've always had a thing for eldrazi, i ended up rolling with the idea of Rebels and a good amount of colorless ramp.

Rebel cards can tutor other Rebels through raw colorless mana. this means that if you change every creature in your deck to rebels, the world is your oyster. unfortunately you can't add creature types to spells, but cards like Crib Swap work.

overall i've been having an absolute blast playing this deck in casual play. it's able to hold its own while staying fun for everyone involved.


Updates Add

LOTS of changes.

backed off of the underdog land theme for a bit, opting to just run surveyor's scope instead of land tax + the other 1 mana dude. they're tempting, but idk. just never seemed to be able to get much use out of them.

added in Universal Automaton in place of Phyrexian Walker , adding to the consistency of things and versatility of the main combo. thanks to Hanabi for telling me about the card.

added in Filigree Sages + Gilded Lotus // Khalni Gem for Training Grounds synergy. i may add up re-adding Heartstone if people catch on to my training grounds shenanigans and i'm not able to properly recycle it. i feel like a good route to take here is Aura of Silence + Auramancer while also playing other high-profile enchantments to split up targeted hate. in addition, Sun Titan is excellent recursion, and i overall need fewer enchantments with the addition of card:universal automaion and Artificial Evolution .

landbase changed a little. currently running 34 lands; Scorched Ruins cut for now as i wasn't ever finding time to actually cast it, and it is a huge - vs. any land hate. going to prioritize adding a few draw cards in the coming days to try and make zur have more room for finding other enchantments.



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