Overall theme of the deck is simple, generate zombie hordes and pump them to deal large amounts of damage. Use Zombie's entering and leaving the battlefield to combo damage with cards like Wayward Servant . I've tried to avoid putting in any big creatures such as Grave Titan as I've had good success without them so far and they usually just get targeted right away. I've also done my best to avoid cards like Endless Ranks of the Dead for the same reason that it doesn't last long enough (Usually not even to my next upkeep) to be worth while. Bola's Citadel puts in work in this deck and with small creatures doesn't hurt the life total too much. Card draw is key with so many 3 or less costing zombies and Shadow of the Grave pairs great with Varina's ability usually drawing me 3-5 cards for 2 cost. Feel free to leave any suggestions.


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