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Alright guys, this deck is in termoil. It needs help. The main focus on this deck (aside from being a modern deck) is getting out zombie tokens. Lots of them. Besides that, it's got mostly zombie creatures to stall the opponent, some to power them up, but either way it is to stall until I get the mana to unleash the tokens. That's why I threw some green in here, to help get out mana faster so I'm not stalling as much and I can make this deck quicker, and obviously for parallel lives.

Does this deck need blue for token support? I have several dual black/blue lands but I would prefer to stick to two colors.

And before any of you say anything, yes I am aware of death baron, zombie commander, gravecrawler, birds of paradise, etc. I mainly want opinions on how I can improve this deck without buying cards that are 10 dollars or more. I'd like to keep this deck price below 100 dollars. Thanks for any help.


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So I did some play-testing with this deck, on average at turn 10 I'd have about 5-8 zombies, and usually parallel lives out and/or endless ranks of the dead. On average I'd have around 9 mana with plenty of other cards in my hand (average hand size at turn 10 was 4 cards). But there are still some points between turn 1 and turn 10 that just leave me wide open. Any other suggestions to speed this thing up but still stick to the mana ramping token swarm?


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