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Welcome to the Zombie Horde Deck. This is a deck with its own customized rules in addition to the standard set of rules, with some altercations. Just to get an understanding of how this game is played, I will explain the concept of the game, some variations of the game, and the rules that go along with the deck.

I'll be explaining the rules at the bottom, so feel free to read that part first then read on from here.

First, how is the deck constructed...

  • The zombie horde deck is a 200 card singleton deck meant to be played in an EDH/Commander setting. The theme of the deck is zombies. It is not 100% zombies, it does contain creatures that produce zombies (aka Grave Titan ). Unlike the standard way of playing,

I designed this deck to have a controller because there are decisions that need to be made. This makes it a little more fun than the standard, it should play itself, type deck, as it allows someone with very little magic experience, or a veteran who enjoys different variants of mtg, to get out of the norm and do something different. I am guilty as I do tend to hog the deck and just control it everytime, but that is only cuz its so much fun.

In addition to the zombie theme, this deck contains a lot of hate and stack cards. You can altar this if you wish, but in the cutthroat meta that I play in, this is intentionally done because it stops players from ending the game in 3-4 turns, or create a board state that is overpowering where no one can do anything. I didn't make it overpowering in stax, as I do want players to enjoy the game, but I did throw in one Armageddon and a Storm Cauldron and a few other stax cards to say surprise. Luckily, the rules of my version of Horde, allow something called redos, which they can use to shuffle up and play something different, but I will explain that in the rules section.

I also added a few "win cons" in the deck that if drawn, could potentially end the game. Rise of the Dark Realms come to mind when typing this. These kind of thrills usually make people go, well that's just broken. To this I say no its not. While yes, it is designed to be an aggressive, semi overpowered deck, but that is because it is the zombie horde. You don't go into a final boss battle fighting 3 year olds, nah, this boss is gonna kick your a$$, not going down without a fight. So yes, it does have a few, tricks up its sleeve, and when caught off guard, could cause consequences.

Next, the variations of the game...

There are two versions of the zombie horde.... 1. Horde mode 2. Faction Mode/Survival Mode

  1. Horde mode is your standard, everyone versus the Horde, with the Horde going first. Creatures do NOT have haste in my version, because there aren't token zombies, they are broken a$$ zombies that can kill you. Players share a life total.

With up to 3 players: 120

With 4-5 players: 100

Players take their turns simultaneously and move through turn phases together. The zombie horde is defeated when entire library is milled, and you have survived its "last stand" turn. A term that means, after you mill the horde deck (I will explain momentarily), it gets a final turn before it is declared dead.

In order to make this really challenging, I tend to add two things. 1. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is its' commander and comes out on the Hordes 10th turn and every 10 turns when it dies. 2. Zombie Horde plays with the archenemy deck, taking out all schemes that draws the horde cards (draw can be very broken in the horde deck)

-2. Faction Mode is a another variant of the game that involves strategy on the players side of the table. If you think of Walking Dead, there are camps, each consisting of its' own community, and one of the issues in Walking Dead, is that people don't trust each other, in fact they pretty much kill each other. So that's what this is. 4 players trying to kill each other, as well as the Horde deck knocking on your door to kill you.

  • In order for a player to win the game, you must kill the horde deck as well as kill your opponents. A player cannot win the game unless the zombie horde deck is dead. So sorry Laboratory Maniac , you aren't good in this format.

  • The Player to the left of the zombie horde goes first. Depending on your meta, you could give them additional grace turns, but in my meta that's all you get.

This version is one of my favorites as a political game takes place within the game. Why? Because the zombie horde always attacks the player with the highest life total. So a little tag team has to happen in order to stabilize the zombie horde. But you can't let your opponents get an overpowering board state because it could make you lose, all while trying to avoid being attacked. So what do you do? You make the zombie horde deck kill your opponents and then you try to win the game, by being the one with the overpowering board state. So much fun!!!

Survival Mode is pretty much the same thing, but in order to win you just have to be the last man standing. This changes the perceptive of the game as players will intentionally try and be the player with the lowest life total in order to avoid being attacked. Careful in doing so, you might just get wiped out by another player!!!

Now, how the Zombie Hordes turn works and then the rules....

The Zombie Horde rolls a planar dice and reveals the number of cards as follows:

Planar Side- 1 card

Blank Side- 2 cards

Chaos Side- 3 cards

  • The Zombie Horde simply puts those cards into play. Its not considered cast, but with my rules, players have the option to counter 1 spell a turn, using a counter spell. It does count as a draw, but it is not considered a draw, so cards that only allow players to draw 1 card a turn, do not effect the Zombie Hordes turn. Confusing, but it makes sense as there are cards like Blood Scrivener that allow the horde to gain an extra card on its' turn. Yes I know that technical junkies will be like thats not how you play, but whatever.

  • The Zombie Horde cannot block.

  • The Zombie Horde controller may choose to morph (without revealing), or cycle a card when drawn. Players may not use their redo to prevent a cycled card.

  • All damage or loss of life the horde receives is instead milled that amount of cards from the top of the hordes library.

  • Instead of an attack step, it is replaced by an Invade Step- Zombie horde creatures that aren't affected by summoning sickness phase out and in tapped and attacking the necessary player.

  • There are cards with activated abilities, but those cards can only be activated once during its lifetime on the battlefield. If it dies and comes back, you may use it again.

  • Triggered abilities may happen as many times as able.

  • Any cards that bounce or control a zombie horde creature, is put into the graveyard instead.

  • The zombie hordes graveyard is a zone outside of the game, and cannot be interacted with except by the zombie hordes controller. This prevents Rest in Peace from effecting the zombie horde.

  • The zombie horde is not a player, and cannot be targeted. Cards that reference a player does not effect the zombie horde, but it is considered an opponent, so those cards do affect zombie horde. I have allowed a few exceptions to this rule for the spirit of the game, such as derevi or edric triggers, but that is up to your discretion.

  • The zombie horde has infinite mana of all colors and colorless at all times. Sorry Propaganda .

  • A player may only take up to two consecutive turns before the zombie horde must take a turn. A player make take as many turns as they want, but after every two, the zombie horde takes one.

  • Any card that causes the zombie horde to draw or put into the hordes hand (aside from bouncing from the field), is put onto the battlefield instead. (and cannot be countered)

  • The hordes controller may make any decision that needs to be made.

  • Each player has one redo that they may use throughout the game. After the horde roles the dice to determine how many cards are put onto the battlefield, in priority order, a player may use their redo to shuffle those cards back into the deck, and reveals the same amount of cards. In addition, players have the option of countering up to one of the revealed cards. This allows blue players to feel like they are contributing.

  • No cards can affect the hordes turn order. These are actions that must take place. They may effect their teammates/opponents, but the horde deck is unaffected by things such like the teferi lockdown or chaos cards.

This is a really fun deck to play. I built it to have a late game, as players get to beating it down after a while, the zombies need some kind of comeback. So unearth and may play from graveyard cards, as well as scavenge is a thing.

While there are cards that some of you think is "unfun," but the fairness is giving each player a redo, or a lifeline per say. Having that ability to say, "uhh..... redo?" gives players a better chance of being successful against the horde. At the same time making them wish, darn, I shouldn't have used my redo on that... hahaha (insert evil laugh here)

So there you go, this is my horde deck. Feel free to make suggestions of what to add, to take out. But I've played with the design a lot. Draw cards are overpowering, and changing my set of rules based on how my deck is built is frowned upon. I'm constantly updating it, still waiting on a few zombies thats in the Inalla deck to come in which as some good additions. I eventually want to get rid of all the vanilla zombies as more zombies are being printed over time with abilities on them ;)


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