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(This description is for the very first iteration of this deck. For a brief summary of its current state, please see the "Straight for the Brains" update. And if you're curious to see how it has evolved, please read through the others! Thanks!)

Hoping to use Zombie Infestation and Moan of the Unhallowed to generate Zombies (Army of the Damned in late stages), Endless Ranks of the Dead to multiply them, Cemetery Reaper (which can double as generators) to buff them, and cards like Go for the Throat, Call to the Grave and Doom Blade to slow down my opponent. Vengeful Pharaoh works especially well here. Grimoire of the Dead to reclaim sacrificed big drops like Grave Titan; resurrection as Zombies will protect them from Call to the Grave. Ghoulcaller's Chant so I can feed more into Zombie Infestation.

I have problems going too grand / fancy with my ideas and have trouble focusing down. Basically looking for a deck that really is "endless ranks of the undead," wave after wave of zombies. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!


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After the rotation of M12 and the Scars block, I was able to do a little tweaking. Put Havengul Lich back in for additional graveyard reclamation/utility and added the following: Blood Artist to put additional threat on my opponent from killing my creatures, Think Twice for a little card advantage, and Spectral Flight in case there are any fliers (or to gain that advantage if there aren't). The new focus of the deck is to directly damage my opponent as he kills my creatures, forcing him into a defensive position as I build up.

Thinking about Altar's Reap for card advantage instead of Think Twice; it would give me another sacrifice mechanic to force loss of life (possibly for the win, if my position is good) and triggers morbid for Tragic Slip.

I usually manage to get at least one of the heavy hitters (or Rooftop Storm) out, but find myself running out of a hand and getting mana flooded. Thinking about going down to 20 land - my curve really isn't that steep, after all - but don't want to push my luck. It's also very possible that I'm bad at shuffling, try though I might to discover a better way to do it.

Suggestions for sideboard would be very much appreciated. Freshly back from sea and still getting a handle on the new set. Tried to splash in some green for Golgari goodness, but just wasn't worth it with my dearth of dual lands.

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