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My Zombie deck. I'm trying to stay away from things that are going to rotate out unless I already have them. Thus no Phantasmal Image.

My goal here is your basic Zombie Swarm. Gravecrawlers and Diregrafs out early for the initial attack. Blood Artist so if things die I get something (extra) out of it. Captains for making things stronger. Messengers and Skinrnders for the big attacks.

I'm seeing the Skinrnders as a destruction spell with a bonus. Which is how the Ghostly Flickers and Silent Departures fit in, although I'm thinking of switching at least some of the Silent Departures to Saving Grasps so I can have the instant ability even if I do lose the flashback. Trigger the undying on the Messengers and then return them to my hand to do it all again. Same thing with the Skinrenders and their 3 counters.

I have a set of Drowned Catacombs coming in, but I'm not sure how I want to work them in there. Initially I was thinking I'd take out 4 islands. But with the extra Blue in there I probably want to take out some swamps instead.

I probably need to make the sideboard better. Mana Leaks are obvious. Endless Ranks of the Dead and Zombie Apocalypse so I can have tons-o-zombies. Unhallowed Pact and Rise from the Grave so I can steal your stuff. Evil Twins so I can steal it and destroy it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Alright, a lot of things have changed. The biggest is the addition of the 2 vampires. 10 creatures that suck life away when my zombies die is great, 6 of them going for anything is even better.

As long as I have enough Vampire life gain action going on Soulcage Fiend dying doesn't hurt me any.

I plan on switching the Go For the Throats for some combination of Murder and Mutilate.

Next stop, sideboard. That really needs some work.


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