Paul is Undead

I am the Bugman, We are the Bugmen, I am the Scarab God. Goo goo g'joob

The non-zombie zombie-matters god is here to lead an army of undead soldiers to victory.

This build is mostly focused on SG and his abilities. Give me two upkeeps! Copy abilities! Fill up all the graveyards! Eternalize on a budget! Exile graveyards turning them into mummified zombies to use against their original owners! If left unchecked, this deck can steamroll! It can also rebuild in a jiffy.

In a more spell heavy matchup, this deck can still roll, but one could remove some of the wraths and add more wheels/discards. Could also maybe use some more ramp. And maybe some more countermagic. Another strategy is to go even heavier in the zombie token creation.

Love this deck, it's one of my favorites and is almost always competitive without being oppressive nor comboing off. Probably a little higher than 75% optimized, but can be played at 75%.


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