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Zizou Land Punisher

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So, this is my budget MLD deck. The idea behind it is pretty simple: destroy other players lands, play Zo-Zu, then as a final, suspend Vetritivore and play something like Obliterate, or have in play Myojin and/or Darksteel Sentinel, use Blasphemous Act, wipe off some lands and win. This is not designed to be ultra competitive, I thought this as a fun deck, with a fun uncommon commander, that's all. Anyway, I'm looking for any kind of adivice, if I miss something very important, or if there's something that I don't really need, any suggestion is welcome. Thanks for your time!



JoltsOfEnergy says... #1

If possible, you should replace your mountains by Snow-Covered Mountains. That way of you use Wake of Destruction to target mountains, your lands survive. It also cores well with Extraplanar Lens which you could consider adding.

March 4, 2017 8:10 a.m.

lilgiantrobot says... #2

I'd consider more mana rocks and more sweepers, and less targeted LD. I play a RW LD deck, and what tends to happen is it quickly becomes 1v3 as soon as people know your plan. In multiplayer the best bet it to build your deck to function as if all the lands are going to be blown up every turn. Even if you think of this as fun, there's a strong chance the others will see it as a major problem.

Epicenter is a card I play that can do serious work.

October 26, 2017 6:36 a.m.

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