Reactive and aggressive dragon tribal. This deck is basically a dragon toolbox. Geared toward casual play. This is completely done as an original thought with help, insight, and advice from friends and others.

I've been using this deck since 2010, and I love it. I am open to any and all suggestions and criticisms.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.

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I'm having some consistency troubles... which is odd with a general that tutors. Not consistently getting the mana I want on time. I feel as though I'm spending quite a bit of time playing too defensively. If I take too many risks, the deck will be easily defeated for a few reasons:

1, It's

2, I tutor every turn (Aven Mindcensor effects)

3, Activated ability on general (Pithing Needle etc)

4, Torpor Orb & Containment Priest

I'm fine playing around these handicaps, but if the deck is not performing correctly, it is easy to fall behind and become shut out early on.


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