Zedruu walks (almost) alone with her many artifacts.

  • Evade damage, gain life, play artifacts.
  • Swapping lands is great. Option to cause little offense and land destruction is least common.
  • Only Illusion of Grandeur does not donate itself.
  • Jinxed Artifacts are a bit gimmicky but fun.
  • Has some instant/sorcery and artifact graveyard graveyard re-use.
  • Win with either burn, animated artifacts, planeswalker ultimates or stolen creatures.

Some card justification:

  • Capsize, to have a repeatable way to get back lands and other donated permanents. Also provides bounce utility.
  • Stuffy Doll is a bit gimmicky, but I want to try it for a bit
  • Staff of Domination is a mana sink with great utility.
  • Trading Post Generates tokens and returns artifacts from graveyard. Also has some situational abilities.
  • Blasphemous Act as board clear that synergizes well with the doll and the grand master.
  • Inventors' Fair is life gain with additional tutor. Seems okay.


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