I get together every Saturday and play with a pretty casual playgroup. We're constantly tinkering with our decks to find the most fun way to play casual EDH, but every now and then things get out of hand.

This is a Chaos/Pillowfort deck designed to stay alive long enough to pull off some weird shenanigans and hopefully close the game. The list is always evolving and we've started running "consideration boards" alongside our decks to tweak them between games based on the group feel of the deck. If it's too oppressive, take out some of those parts and fit in some more funsies ones.

That being said, I'm looking for more ways to make this deck able to keep up with the likes of the table without becoming an oppressive force that takes away others' fun. Please let me know what you think, upvote if you like it, and post suggestions that I can use to bring more fun to my table.


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