This is hands down my absolute favorite deck to play.

I owe a lot of the way it turned out to Arcwell's Zedruu Political Control deck, though I looked at a ton of other Zedruu decks and styles before settling on this part control, part political, part pillow fort, mostly fun deck that can also win.

I've found that Zedruu is really Mana hungry - if you want to donate something, play something, and leave Mana open for a counter later, that's on average 8-10 Mana with three colors necessary.

This deck is different from Arcwell's in that it has a lot of the more fun Zedruu cards like Humble Defector and Akroan Horse thrown in and does not have many of the really mean Pyromancer's Swath type cards thrown in. EDIT: I PUT THEM IN LOL

The games I've played have always been very fun and political, but the deck surprised me at how competitive it can be.

One other thing of note is that Zedruu really only needs a few things donated (or swapped) to work well (lands are the most common thing that change control, believe it or not). Three cards donated and a Paradox Haze on the board means you gain 6 life and 6 cards drawn. I've found the no maximum hand size cards in here really valuable.

Hope you enjoy looking at the deck and making suggestions as much as I love playing and tinkering with it!


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