"We need to build a wall!" - Zedruu

The goal of this deck is to construct a city within a game of Magic. We don't usually win. We don't try to win (unless our opponent is simulating a Mongol horde of some kind). We just want to peacefully build our city and bribe the table to not hit us in the meantime.

I am playing intentionally terrible cards because they fit a theme. I am playing a $15 colorless land because it fits the theme. Assembly hall is a 5 mana do nothing ever artifact. But it's an assembly hall, so we play it.

We have win conditions because there may be games we need to call upon our legion of soldiers to defend the city. We have merchants and valuable artifacts to pass around the table. We have walls to pass to other players to "incorporate" their territory. We have political bureaucrats that develop the city and make rules on what people can do. We can even attempt to filibuster the table and win sheerly through non-productivity. We have ships and trains to send to other people's boards and to bring them back with Homeward Path.

I have yet to put this deck together in paper, but it seems sweet. I am looking, right now, for feedback on potential cards I could include that are on-theme.

If anyone has suggestions for other cards to add to the deck, please comment them below. Thanks!


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