Zada's Not So Epic Storm

Do you like playing Storm but don't want to waste your friends time?

Do you like to draw half of your deck in one turn while playing Mono Red?

Do you like Goblins and/or Elementals?

Do you like winning out of nowhere while your opponents thought you were mana flooded with a few measly 1/1 tokens all game?

If yes to these questions, this might be the deck for you!

Welcome to Zada's "Storm". Flood the board with Goblins/Elementals and one shot the table. You usually can get your "storm" off on turns 6-8. This is the epitome of a "Glass Cannon" style deck as it can one shot the entire table but is also easily disrupted. So choosing your time to go off for the win is very important. The other very important aspect to playing this deck is your mulligans. Mulligan aggressively as this is mono red and we're not the best at natural drawing or tutoring, which is why this deck has so much redundancy. You have to have tokens/creatures on the board, a haste enabler, most likely a trample enabler and enough mana/power to make it all happen. I almost never play Zada herself unless I am about to go off. Although, I have won with having to cast her multiple times in a game before but that is far from ideal. This is a very fun deck that also goldfishes very well and it can go up and hold it's own against decks that cost a lot more than it.

Mana Geyser + Reiterate = "infinite" storm and mana

No "storm" required "infinite combo":

Heat Shimmer + Dualcaster Mage = "infinite" storm and tokens with haste

Side note: I know copies of spells cast on Zada do not count towards your storm count. You use the storm cards by stringing many spells together in a single turn, generally the turn you are attempting to win on. Same with Guttersnipe and Firebrand Archer

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome! I plan on doing a card by card primer at some point.


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