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Yuriko's 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)


Yuriko's 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain - cEDH

I will keep the description basic as this list will likely go through many changes and card additions/subtractions. The main goal of Yuriko is to flip a high CMC card from the top of your library using any of the cards listed under the "Top-deck Manipulation" category. To a lesser extent there are Turns spells that will allow us to get an upper hand and multiple Yuriko triggers as well as Stax pieces to shut down our opponents in order to buy us time.

In this section I will discuss single card choices in each category of the deck.

Blinkmoth Infusion - A great burn spell, and one that I would argue is a staple in Yuriko decks. It's blue so it can pitch to Force of Will and the like, as well as being tutor-able with Mystical Tutor in addition to other top-deck tutors (unfortunately, not Personal Tutor ).

Draco - The biggest and most useless/satisfying card in the deck. Draco flips for 16 damage! Nothing more to say here.

Abjure - This is a great 1 mana counter spell that we can afford to sacrifice a blue 1 drop creature to.

Commandeer - A great "free" counter that either allows you to gain control of a spell for your benefit, or play in order to change the target of an opponent's counterspell to Commandeer.

Dispel - A great cheap option to counter an opposing counter.

Flusterstorm - Another great cheap counterspell. Keep track of the storm count and counter your opponents win-con.

Foil - In a build with more basic Islands than normal this card shines. Another great "free" counter.

Force of Negation - Have I mentioned free counters? Not as versatile, but can save you in a pinch.

Force of Will - The granddaddy of all "free" counters. Don't leave home without it, and cast it wisely.

Mausoleum Wanderer - Sneaky 1 drop creature with evasion that people often forget about. Take advantage of this to counter an opponents spell when they are tapped out.

Mental Misstep - Arguably one of the best counters in EDH, since it can be "free". Although it's conditional, there is no card disadvantage like Force of Will

Misdirection - Great free "counter" you can use to save Yuriko, or redirect a removal spell. All kinds of fun shenanigans with this one.

Siren Stormtamer - This is mainly to protect Yuriko, but can protect you in a pinch. It also doesn't hurt that it's a 1 drop with evasion.

This section is light as I now feel that more removal is a better plan than making/having unblockable creatures.

Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive - Tetsuko is a staple in my opinion. This card will allow any creature in the deck to get through unblocked.

All colored sources as Yuriko is color-intensive. Also no tap-lands, but I may consider Boseiju, Who Shelters All at some point.

Changeling Outcast - An unblockable Ninja for 1 mana? Easy staple.

Ingenious Infiltrator - Multiple draw triggers with this guy and Yuriko. I tend to trigger the draws first before the flips, but that all depends on if you top-decked with a tutor.

Mist-Syndicate Naga - Left unchecked, this guy can win the game. Each copy that gets through triggers the creation of another copy.

Mistblade Shinobi - Arguably the best Ninjutsu 1 drop. Bouncing creatures is a HUGE ability.

Mothdust Changeling - Another 1 drop Ninja with the potential for evasion.

Ninja of the Deep Hours - More Ninja card draw.

Sakashima's Student - Very versatile and great for copying other commanders, or Dockside Extortionist .

Skullsnatcher - While not as great of an ability as Mistblade Shinobi, it's still a Ninjutsu 1 drop.

Universal Automaton - The least useful of the 1 drop Ninja's.

AKA not Ninjas (credit goes to deakmana for this term).

Faerie Seer - My favorite 1 drop Nonja. Scry is our friend, especially when we can bounce him with Yuriko or other Ninjas and do it again.

Fourth Bridge Prowler - Great early play as it will take out opposing mana dorks.

Gingerbrute - Haste, psuedo-unblockability, and a life-gain option. What's not to love?

Ornithopter - I would argue that this is great early or late if you have Ninjas in hand. Bounce this and play it again at no cost.

Sage of Epityr - The Sage digs 4 deep which is exactly what we want.

Spectral Sailor - A versatile 1 drop that is great early, and has utility if drawn later.

Wingcrafter - Pair this with Yuriko and fly over defenses.

Not much to say here other than Mox Amber is a great value ramp for Yuriko as she is frequently in play.

Brazen Borrower - A great recurring source of removal.

Chain of Vapor - Bounce anything including your own Yuriko. A staple of the deck.

Contagion - Great for taking out dorks early, or a problem commander late and it's "free"!

Cyclonic Rift - Decent early removal, but a late-game powerhouse that wins games.

Dismember - A very cheap spell for a big effect.

Drown in the Loch - This is a solid counter/removal spell early or late.

Plague Engineer - Can shutdown certain strategies (see Nejeela).

Sidisi's Faithful - We have plenty of dorks that we can exploit to use this great recurring removal spell.

Snapback - The removal version of Force of Will . Solid pick as we are very mana intensive.

Snuff Out - "Free" removal with virtually no restrictions.

Submerge - See above.

Arcane Laboratory - Shuts Down - Most combo strategies.

Back to Basics - Shuts Down - Most of what Blood Moon does, sometimes even more ferociously.

Chains of Mephistopheles - Shuts Down - Every draw effect. Not Dark Confidant , Necropotence , Fact or Fiction (non-draw card advantage).

Cursed Totem - Shuts Down - Dorks, commanders with activated abilities.

Damping Sphere - Shuts Down - Gaea's Cradle , most infinite loops.

Grafdigger's Cage - Shuts Down - Most of what Anafenza, the Foremost stops, plus preventing Green Sun's Zenith , Birthing Pod , Protean Hulk , etc.

Notion Thief - Shuts Down - Cantrips, Sylvan Library .

Brainstorm - Useful in all blue decks, but especially here as we can either get rid of some junk with a fetch, cast at end of turn to stack something for the upcoming Yuriko trigger, or cast during combat to stack 2 cards if we have multiple Yuriko triggers.

Imperial Seal - Second best top-deck tutor.

Lim-Dul's Vault - Game-changer if it resolves. I try to cast it during combat.

Mystical Tutor - Great instant speed tutor that you can cast during combat.

Personal Tutor - I typically use this for either Temporal Mastery to cast for Miracle cost or Temporal Trespass for burn.

Scroll Rack - My favorite artifact in the deck. Abuse those high CMC spells.

Sensei's Divining Top - Not a game-changer but still a decent top-deck manipulator.

Vampiric Tutor - Best top-deck tutor.

Capture of Jingzhou - Basic 5 mana turn spell.

Temporal Manipulation - Basic 5 mana turn spell.

Temporal Mastery - Exceptional in Yuriko as we continuously manipulate the top-deck so it becomes a Time Walk that can alternatively burn for 7 damage off the top.

Temporal Trespass - Burns for 11 and gives us a potential 3 mana turn spell.

Time Warp - Basic 5 mana turn spell.

Demonic Tutor - As old as Magic itself. Not as good as the top-deck tutors, but too good to exclude.

Diabolic Intent - Same as above and we have creatures to spare.

Gilded Drake - Useful to prevent someone else from winning the game by stealing their commander or other win-con creature.


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