Thanks for checking out my Yuriko deck!

Early Game:

The goal is to get Yuriko out and attacking on turn 2, or turn 3 at the latest. To make this happen, you've got to be picky with your opening hand. I strictly keep openers with a blue source, a black source, and a 1/2 mana creature with some kind of evasion (flying, unblockable, etc.) in order to utilize Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow's ninjutsu ability. This deck includes many creatures in this category, such as Slither Blade or Spire Owl, so make sure to use a mulligan or two if your opening hand doesn't look like this.

Mid Game:

Once Yuriko is out, you'll want to play out your other sneaky 1/2 mana creatures. This will allow more ninjas such as Ingenious Infiltrator and Sakashima's Student to be ninjutsu'd in, as well as getting Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow back onto the battlefield ASAP if she is destroyed. Don't forget, ninjutsu is not affected by commander tax since it's an activated ability!

Another thing to focus on is manipulating the top card of your library. This is mostly done with one-time use cards like Vampiric Tutor and Mystical Tutor, but Scroll Rack and Sensei's Divining Top are also extremely helpful because they can be re-used on multiple turns. Notice that a lot of cards have a very high cmc, but can be cast for some sort of alternate cost, like Murderous Cut, Coastal Breach and Commit / Memory.

The last important mid-game strategy is to get value out of your 1/2 drops once you run out of ninjas to ninjutsu onto the battlefield: Turn them all into ninjas with Arcane Adaptation, Conspiracy, Xenograft, or Unnatural Selection!

Watch what your opponents are trying to pull off as well! I've included plenty of powerful counterspells, most notably Force of Will and Force of Negation, removal such as Curtains' Call, and board wipes like Evacuation.

Late Game:

This deck does not have any infinite combos to immediately close out the game. But there are lots of other methods to get the win! One way is to chain extra turns with Karn's Temporal Sundering, Time Warp, or Temporal Trespass. If you can get a few Yuriko triggers on 2-3 turns in a row, that's almost always enough to take the win. Another way is to stack Temporal Trespass, Emrakul, the Promised End, and Draco as the top 3 cards of your library using Insidious Dreams for 40 damage around the table.

This is my favourite edh deck that I have by far, and I hope you enjoy playing Yuriko as much as I do!


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