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Yuriko, the Highest CMC's Shadow

Commander / EDH


This deck is a buget deck based around Yuriko's second ability. My budget for this deck was $105 dollars, and I hit it on the dot. This deck utilizes top deck manipulation so that when you hit your opponent with a ninja, your opponents will lose tons of life. This deck can win out of nowhere, but sometimes takes a while to get going. Let me explain a few cards. First, you never cast Desolation Twin, Enter the Infinite, Blinkmoth Infusion, or basically any spell with CMC nine or greater. You just keep them on top, and make your opponents lose tons of life. Second, Ornithopter This card is purely for the turn 2 ninjitsu with Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow.

I want to keep the price of the deck the same, but let me know what suggestions you have!


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