Daretti, Scrap Savant and Artifact shenanigans is a fun way to win games and always have a surprise for your opponents. The main goal is to get early blockers out to be able to get Daretti's final ability off and there is no stopping you from there. There are a lot of fun interactions between different cards and even with Daretti's abilities to draw. If you find yourself in a bind and just want your opponents to quit there's always the late game Mycosynth Lattice + Vandal Blast Combo to make them all surrender.

This deck is built to be fast and make it incredibly hard for your opponents to stop what you are doing. If Metalworker is in your opening hand, be prepared to destroy everyone! I have had some amazing games with this deck and one of the best opening went like this!

-Turn 1: Opening hand 2 land, Sol Ring, Metalworker, Darksteel Colossus, Sculpting Steel and 1 other artifact. Draw was an artifact. Played my land, tapped into Sol Ring

-Turn 2: Draw was an artifact. Played land per turn. Tapped for 3 and dropped Metalworker

-Turn 3: Draw was a land. Played land per turn. Tapped Metalworker and revealed the 5 artifacts in hand to produce 10 colorless mana. Tapped Sol Ring for 2 more and cast Darksteel Colossus. Then tapped 2 lands and using the 1 floating colorless I cast Sculpting Steel copying Darksteel Colossus.

2 Indestructible 11/11 trample creatures on turn 3!! From there it was Daretti, Scrap Savant and easily being able to get him to his -10 while still playing more artifacts and swinging in big!

Of course not all hands go like this, but it is a great example of how powerful this deck can be. Watching your opponents faces as you drop giant things for free, all while having Paradox Engine out on the battlefield is a great feeling... and winning never hurts either!


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