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Your Own Best Friend - Riku's Allies

Commander / EDH Multiplayer RUG (Temur) Tribal




A Riku Allies (and changelings) Tribal EDH deck

The idea here is to get out a bunch of Allies (and changelings) and to use copy and clone effects to make them go wild. Murasa Pyromancer is a big shot here, as is Tajuru Archer to a lesser extent. Descendant's Path and Call to the Kindred can build up a fair army when paired with changelings, and can still do reasonably on an Ally.

There is also a fair amount of flickering to get the most out of the ETB effects, and some +1/+1 counter synergies.

This is designed to be on the low end of the cutthroat spectrum, though it can get a little out of hand in a meta with few sweepers. With sweepers, it needs to play a little more carefully and not dump everything into play too quickly. It is a creature-based strategy though, so it's probably to be expected.

What this deck lacks is probably reliable card-advantage and hand-fixing. There are a couple of splashy big draws, but nothing that really smooths the deck, so it's designed with a bit of variance in there. There probably could be some library manipulation added if that was a direction to go in.

There also aren't any big game-ending cards or combos in there. This is somewhat by design, as the strategy I had in mind was just to steadily build up an ally army, but it's concievable that Overrun effects or Genesis Wave might be warranted.


Updates Add

Removing a couple cards I feel are underperformers. Some of these are probably borderline, but I am favoring change over constancy, so I leave myself the option of adding some of these back later.


  • Changeling Berserker
  • Voyager Staff
  • Deadwood Treefolk
  • Distant Melody
  • Gatecreeper Vine
  • Ghostly Flicker
  • Synod Sanctum
  • Species Gorger


  • Acidic Slime
  • Bramblewood Paragon
  • Sage of Fables
  • Hull Breach
  • Stomping Ground
  • Prime Speaker Zegana
  • Seshiro the Anointed
  • Crowned Ceratok

I'm adding in a bit of (minor) non-ally tribal for changeling fun. Most egregious here is probably Seshiro, but we'll see how that works out. Also adding in a little card draw and some more answers, and adjusting the land ratio very slightly since I completed my set of Shocklands.


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