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Your Own Best Friend - Riku's Allies

Commander / EDH Multiplayer RUG (Temur) Tribal



A Riku Allies (and changelings) Tribal EDH deck

The idea here is to get out a bunch of Allies (and changelings) and to use copy and clone effects to make them go wild. Murasa Pyromancer is a big shot here, as is Tajuru Archer to a lesser extent. Descendant's Path and Call to the Kindred can build up a fair army when paired with changelings, and can still do reasonably on an Ally.

There is also a fair amount of flickering to get the most out of the ETB effects, and some +1/+1 counter synergies.

This is designed to be on the low end of the cutthroat spectrum, though it can get a little out of hand in a meta with few sweepers. With sweepers, it needs to play a little more carefully and not dump everything into play too quickly. It is a creature-based strategy though, so it's probably to be expected.

What this deck lacks is probably reliable card-advantage and hand-fixing. There are a couple of splashy big draws, but nothing that really smooths the deck, so it's designed with a bit of variance in there. There probably could be some library manipulation added if that was a direction to go in.

There also aren't any big game-ending cards or combos in there. This is somewhat by design, as the strategy I had in mind was just to steadily build up an ally army, but it's concievable that Overrun effects or Genesis Wave might be warranted.



Removing a couple cards I feel are underperformers. Some of these are probably borderline, but I am favoring change over constancy, so I leave myself the option of adding some of these back later.


  • Changeling Berserker
  • Voyager Staff
  • Deadwood Treefolk
  • Distant Melody
  • Gatecreeper Vine
  • Ghostly Flicker
  • Synod Sanctum
  • Species Gorger


  • Acidic Slime
  • Bramblewood Paragon
  • Sage of Fables
  • Hull Breach
  • Stomping Ground
  • Prime Speaker Zegana
  • Seshiro the Anointed
  • Crowned Ceratok

I'm adding in a bit of (minor) non-ally tribal for changeling fun. Most egregious here is probably Seshiro, but we'll see how that works out. Also adding in a little card draw and some more answers, and adjusting the land ratio very slightly since I completed my set of Shocklands.


Aerokid says... #1

Awesome idea and very well constructed. Looks pretty fun and deadly.

If you're looking for more useful clone effects, you can use Vesuvan Shapeshifter and Cryptoplasm and Sakashima the Impostor for reusing ETB effects. A Door of Destinies might be helpful as well.

I know she isn't an ally, but with all your +1 counter shenanigans, Prime Speaker Zegana can generate some insane draw power, especially with your flicker effects.


July 23, 2013 11:10 a.m.

slayer_72 says... #2

Xenograft ?

mabey also Shared Animosity ?

August 28, 2013 9:57 a.m.

Zeussical says... #3

I considered Xenograft, but I wanted to intentionally avoid the Xenograft/Turntimber Ranger combo.

Shared Animosity may be worth a look, though in my experience I'm not attacking with a large number of creatures as much as a few big ones.

August 28, 2013 1:13 p.m.

slayer_72 says... #4

yeah, i wouldn't suggest the animosity unless you ran xenograft. looks liek you're avoiding splinter twin +Deceiver Exarch as well.

August 31, 2013 8:44 a.m.

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