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You will be assimilated

Standard BUG (Sultai)



Sorcery (1)

Don't just control them: Break them! Make them afraid to cast spells!

"Resistance - is futile. Your life, as it has been - is over. From this time forward, you will service - us."

Willbreaker means any creature they play becomes yours. Disciple of the Ring means any spell they play can be countered. The whole deck stifles their game until you take over.


Willbreaker - whenever your guys get targeted, I get them!
Disciple of the Ring - late game victory condition. tap and untap creatures at will, also counter removal.
Disciple of Deceit - toolbox! Find either of the above, or an answer to opponent's threats. Also feeds instants for Disciple. Also every card in the deck costs 1,2 or 5 so you can always find something useful.
Kiora's Follower - untap DoD for instant search. Untap land for mana. Untap enemy creature for Willbreaker.
Den Protector - card advantage get back that card you need, either to cast, or else for DoD to trade Chord of Calling - especially to land a key creature after they tap down. Then we can untap and be ready to get value.


Quiet Contemplation , Send to Sleep - slow them down ; later trigger Willbreaker.
Negate, Dissolve, Disdainful Stroke - counters
Murderous Cut, Ultimate Price, Bile Blight, Pharika's Cure , Downfall - kill
Silumgar's Command - kill a walker, shrink a creature, counter, bounceCrux of Fate, Whelming Wave - sweep!

Key Plays

The search

Disciple of Deceit can attack any time, if you have an instant untap effect. You might not even care to protect it. If you use Follower to untap and get a Willbreaker or an emergency Crux of Fate, save your countermagic for your real threats. If you have only 2 drops, search up Den Protector. There's probably a 5 in the graveyard you can get.

The lockdown

Against non-blue decks, just play creatures and control the board with spells until you get to about 7 mana. Mage-Ring Network helps here. Then merely casting Disciple of the Ring virtually locks the game. Any creature they cast can be tapped, any removal they cast can be countered.

The Willbreaker combo

Cast Willbreaker, pass turn. Tap Kiora's Follower to get one of their untapped creatures, or wait for attackers, then steal the biggest guy. Use him to block whatever needs blocking, killing it. Back to your turn, steal something else with Follower. They are now down their 3 best creatures and you are up 2. Every turn you get another. Attack if you wish.

But even better, if you get Disciple of the Ring , every creature can be stolen for 1 and any removal can be leaked for 1. All this is besides the control magic in hand.


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