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Modern Budget Combo Control W/U (Azorius)



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This is a control deck that intends to lock the game down as soon as possible and use Elspeth, Sun's Champion as my win condition. The deck features exclusively 1-3 mana cards and only one card breaks this rule-my win con. A great combo in the deck is using Isochron Scepter to repeatedly reuse my spells to adapt to nearly any type of deck. I protect mysef and my few permanents with my counter spells and with Meddling Mage if need be. Other than that I use Surrakar Spellblade as my drawing engine as he can amass many counters(and therefore draws) nearly whenever I want. If creatures get in the way I either Vapor Snag and/or Condemn them. All this is to finally get my planeswalker out and when she is out defend her at all costs until I can amass enough tokens to beat my opponent). A combo that is splashed in the deck is Isochron Scepter and Silence this combo can be achieved as early as turn 3 if i start with both in hand or I draw into 1 or both while holding the other. That combo will lock down the game and with the counter spells and Judge's Familiar it will be extremely hard to break. Not to mention even if I don't combo it off it is NOT a waste of a card as it is a fantastic way to stall whatever i need. Anyway all these things give me a great chance to stall the game until i decide to end it with Elspeth, Sun's Champion and use her to win the game. Lastly if I counter a spell or throw it back in their hand or deck i can cast Meddling Mage to completely stop that card(and most likely any of its copies which gives my opponent many dead draws). Any suggestions/constructive criticism is welcome. I am very happy with its current condition so please give me your opinion on it.


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