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You Made a Heroic Sacrifice

Standard U/B (Dimir)




Isn't that name witty?

This is a semi-aggressive deck which relies on Heroic triggers of Agent of the Fates to force our opponents to sacrifice creatures. To do this, we have many targeted spells such as Far / Away, Mizzium Skin and Triton Tactics so that we can simultaneously help Agent of the Fates survive AND cause our opponents to sacrifice creatures. Artisan of Forms also allows us to duplicate Agent of the Fates (and as a bonus triggers his Heroic ability). Our sizable quantity of deathtouch creatures provides us with another opportunity to kill opposing creatures, and we can force attacks using Bident of Thassa (which also gives us card advantage due to draw).

In playtests, this deck's biggest issue is hitting 3 mana consistently, and (obviously) its reliance on Agent of the Fates. Dealing with a large number of creatures is also an issue, since the opponent chooses which creature to sacrifice. Ratchet Bomb is sideboarded for token decks, but advice in this area would be welcome. I'm currently debating about replacing Scroll Thief with Mogis's Marauder or Accursed Spirit - any other ideas are welcome!


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