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You have choices, but they're all bad

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So yea, this is a deck that gives your opponent choices. It was a challenge to find these type of cards because of the wording on them and I'm sure I missed other choice cards out there. So if anyone has any suggestions, please throw in a comment =)

7/27/2017 - So a quick update. I haven't been keeping up to date with my decks and replies because unfortunately my most fun and entertaining decks were stolen, including this one T.T After that, I couldn't bring myself to start over, so I liquidated my remaining collection and ended my MTG journey. I was honestly thinking of doing this before some of my decks were stolen, but this would have been the deck to keep no matter what.

I might remake this deck at some point when I have extra funds just to have a fun deck whenever I run into another player, but for now I'll take a back seat.

As for this deck and any edits moving forward. I'll probably leave it as is and put any new cards I feel fit the theme into the "Maybeboard". I know some suggestion might make a better deck overall, but since I don't have this deck anymore, I'm going to have this deck as a template for creative minds to improve on =)


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I'm gonna start adding choice cards to the Maybeboard that didn't make the cut so peeps can look at other choice card options that cater to their play style(the people of the interweb)!

So even if the card isn't in red or black or just seems bad, still go ahead and throw it in the comments and I'll add it to the pool of choice cards =D

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