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You can stand under my Najeela ela ela la la ♪♫♬

Commander / EDH Aggro Five Color Infinite Combo Multiplayer Tokens Tribal



This is my 75% aggro/combo deck that is centered around making combat-related choices difficult for my opponents with an equipment matters sub-theme. Najeela is one of the best 5 color tribal commanders to date and both her abilities can be used on any players which means politics get really interesting with her on the field. I mainly run utility warriors that can either provide buffs, combat advantage, or interaction. The main strategy is to only play Najeela when the coast is clear and I have a way to protect or recur her. Since her ability works with any warriors, I can just deploy some warriors and cast her whenever I'm ready for an alpha strike. This deck also packs a few cards to be able to play into the late game as a backup plan in case Najeela got removed to a point where she is prohibitively difficult to cast.

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+1 for some warrior tribal love!


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