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This is the first cEDH deck that I built and it is finally complete!!

Winning Combos:

Temur Sabertooth + creature tapping for 5 or more mana + Wirewood Symbiote + Elf (1 cmc hopefully)

Typically the creature tapping for 5 is Karametra's Acolyte or Priest of Titania. Tap the Priest for 5 mana, return the elf to your hand with Wirewood to untap her, return Wirewood to your hand with Sabertooth (-2 mana), replay wirewood and the elf (-2 mana, -4 mana total). This generates infinite mana and allows you to abuse Sabertooth and an ETB, often Eternal Witness with Beast Witnin, Regal Force, Craterhoof Behemoth

A direct line to get you to Temur Sabertooth combo is something like:

T1 Dork > T2 Yisan > T3 Verse1 for Quirion Ranger > T4 Verse 2 for Priest of Titania > T5 double verse 4 for Karametra's Acolyte and Temur Sabertooth >T6 untap and go through verse 5 getting anything, get Woodland Bellower on Verse 6 to find Wirewood Symbiote, and combo off there. At this point you generate infinite mana, infinite untaps, and can use infinite ETBs. You can bounce and replay Woodland Bellower to get any green creatures with cmc 3 or less out of your deck, including Eternal Witness. You can Yisan on 7 to to get Regal Force and draw your deck by bouncing and replaying that. You can Yisan on 8 for Craterhoof Behemoth and create infinite power/toughness by bouncing and replaying that.

The other obvious ways of winning is having a creature that tap for 5 e.g. Priest of Titania and equip it with Umbral Mantle to generate infinite mana. Or you can also use Staff of Domination + any creature that taps for 5+ mana to generate infinite mana and draw your entire deck.




The Force of Vigor is great to interact with early explosive opponent turns. So if I am playing 3rd or last, and someone before me drops a Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Mystic Remora then I can interact without having any mana up. The same is true if I need to keep mana open for Yisan, the Wanderer Bard so that I can verse, and don't necessarily want to keep it open for interaction.

Heroic Intervention is there just to add some protection against boardwipes, or even targeted removals.


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