Yisan, the birthing pod on a stick. This is a really fast deck if left uncheck. The trick is to get Yisan out on turn 2 with a mana dork and start the tutoring process. The support cards allow continuous untap abilities to keep pooping out creatures. It is elf based to aid in the speed.

Typical use of Yisan.

  1. Quirion Ranger

  2. Priest of Titania

  3. Fierce Empath for craterhoof bohemoth or Elvish Archdruid depending on hand.

  4. Temur Sabertooth to go infinite if you have a haste engine. aka boots or grieves.

  5. Seedborn Muse.

Typically I don't need to go past the 3rd counter. If the board gets wiped, then the alternate way is to combo with card draw elves style or build up again with yisan.


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