There is no doubt that throughout Magic's history, the Dredge Mechanic makes for some interesting design space for broken, spine-breaking synergies and competitive deck-building potential. Theoretically speaking, it is almost easy to discredit the viability of Dredge in a 100-card, singleton format as Commander given the lack of redundancy and consistency compared to its Eternal counterparts. However, the addition of a number of cards (I'm looking at you Creeping Chill) in the recent sets and seeing how cards introduced in Modern Horizons have dominated the modern format (Hello there, Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis plus Altar of Dementia decks) have made a Dredge-oriented Duel commander deck a tenable experiment.

Mainly inspired by the aggressive nature of Modern Bridgevine and/or Dredge decks plus Arclight Phoenix decks dominating the meta, this brew is designed to be aggressive and thus opens new avenues for card synergy in the format (with the exception of graveyard-hate cards). The Duel commander environment is currently dominated by either hyper-aggro decks (i.e. Yuriko, Saskia, and Kari Zev) and permission-heavy, control decks (Baral, Kess, and Queen Marchesa), that inevitably cast combo-centric and synergistic strategies, like The Gitrog Monster, into the sidelines.

Yidris Dredge, on the other hand, combines these three into an aggressive-aggro/tempo strategy that can do a variety of deck styles: fast-clock via Haste creatures, control via discard and removal, and combo synergies through the Dredge mechanic. The deck is also almost readily convertible to a multiplayer deck by adding on pieces like Hermit Druid, Entomb, Mox Diamond to optimize its feasibility in a multi-player environment.

NOTE: Depending on budget issues, Bazaar of Baghdad can be replaced by Geier Reach Sanitarium.

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