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Yidris, Infect Wielder

Commander / EDH



A voltron Yidris concept.

One hit kills:

Give Yidris infect with Phyresis , Tainted Strike , Glistening Oil , or Grafted Exoskeleton . Give him doublestrike with Blood Mist , Berserkers' Onslaught , Xenagos, God of Revels or Fireshrieker . Give him unblockable with Rogue's Passage , Key to the City , Prowler's Helm , or Captain's Hook (sort of). Swing for the win. Alternatively, if you can stall long enough to play the Hadana's Climb   minigame to flip it using the variety of counter interactions in the deck, you can pop people with just that and an infect source.

Without infect, use Bear Umbra or Nature's Will to take infinite combat steps with Aggravated Assault . Once Yidris is unblockable it's a free win.

If you can put Yidris to 10 power with infect, Chandra's Ignition is also a free win. This either requires Hadana's Climb   to flip or for you to have Captain's Hook , Grafted Exoskeleton , and a single +1/+1 counter (or Captain's Hook , Bear Umbra , and Tainted Strike ).

Blood Tyrant and Lorthos, the Tidemaker can function as spare vehicles for the OTK, as Lorthos only needs a Captain's Hook or Bear Umbra to get to 10 power, at which point he can use his ability to tap all blockers and OTK with infect, and Blood Tyrant has 5 power and comes with flying, so he kills with all the same combo tools as Yidris with the added benefit of being more difficult to block.


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