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Yidris and the Cascading Copycats!

Commander / EDH Aikido Storm Tempo Theme/Gimmick UBRG


Hello Fellow Planeswalkers! So, many people in my play group absolutely LOVE EDH and have been trying to get me into it for a good long while. Looking into some Legendary Creatures, I found one that caught my eye right away. Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder is a super cool card and I really wanted to make a deck work around him. I decided to explore a Shapeshifter deck and boy, I am having loads of fun Cascading into Shapeshifters!

So as stated above, this is a Shapeshifter deck! We're looking to copy our opponent's strategies for the majority of the game with our Shapeshifters and various other copy cards along with other support cards. Since we run so many, Cavern of Souls is a fine addition to the deck as it can provide protection to them against those Baral and other control decks. We can win with beats, but we have some other more fun wincons that just outright win us the game!
Biovisionary Is a very cool card that can be cheesed into victory with our Shapeshifters or a kicked Rite of Replication later on into the game!
A 3 card combo is included in this deck as well for infinite spell casts. Because of this and our potential to cast many spells for free with Cascade, we run Storm cards.

The 3 card combo is having Archaeomancer and Gilded Lotus on the field and using the lotus to cast Ghostly Flicker to "Flicker" The above two cards to return the Ghostly Flicker to your hand. The Lotus will be untapped again, so this will be an endless cast combo. The following Storm cards can insta-win you the game:


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