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My take on the popular deck. I think this is going to continue to be quite strong for the next couple of months, so I want to use this deck until I settle on a new brew in the post-rotation world.

The creatures in this deck are fairly standard for the Mono-Red deck. See below for explanations.

Ahn-Crop Crasher is a nice, beefy 3/2 body with haste for . The ability can be quite relevant, and it's just a good card for the 3 mana slot in this deck curve.

Bomat Courier is a 1/1 with haste for , which is nice, I guess. It's weak stats are a bit off-putting, BUT the ability is what makes this card so good. If played turn 1 (maybe turn 2...) those cards start to add up and become a very nice way to replenish the hand during the midgame. There are advantages (extra cards, of course) and disadvantages (Hazoret the Fervent wants an empty hand to attack/block), but I have found the disadvantages to be outweighed rather easily.

Dire Fleet Daredevil is just a fantastic card. Using an opponent's removal is amazing. Nothing better than hitting Vraska's Contempt with this card!

Earthshaker Khenradoesn't seem all that special as a 2/1 for , even with the haste. It's the eternalize that makes it sooooo good. It's costly to be certain (), but a 4/4 with haste that can render most blockers null and void? That's pretty solid.

Fanatical Firebrand is just good. Haste makes it really good, particularly first turn. Coupled with Goblin Chainwhirler, it is even better-- able to get in that extra point of damage to finish off a 2/2 after Goblin Chainwhirler enters the battlefield.

Goblin Chainwhirler fits nicely into a mono-red deck. The costs aren't too high and it just works well. A 3/3 body with good ETB effects-- can't complain.

Hazoret the Fervent has haste and is indestructible. Moreover, the card can ping my opponent for two life. Best card in the deck.

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider is okay, but it has menace (and first strike) and, more importantly, brings in a 2/1 attacker each turn I attack. That's one additional creature that needs to be blocked. Solid card.

Rekindling Phoenix has, in most red decks, replaced Chandra, Torch of Defiance. I'm not agreeing with that. It's a fantastic card (I only own a single copy, unfortunately), but Chandra, Torch of Defiance is stronger.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance was the one piece of this deck I was missing. I only have 1x, but it is important. The ability to do damage with the +1, or to +1 and add , or to do 4 damage to a creature, or even to ultimate-- this card is absolutely deadly and it is what pushes this deck over the top.

Abrade has great versatility. Getting in 3 damage or destroying an artifact (think Torrential Gearhulk or God-Pharaoh's Gift) is very string.

Lightning Strike is perfect for this deck! I bit of burn that can hit players, planeswalkers, or creatures. Very nice.

Shock is just a slightly cheaper, slightly less damage version of Lightning Strike. Very good card.

Scavenger Grounds is good for anything running The Scarab God, which seems like every other deck. Getting rid or graveyard targets is essential. I might toy with adding Field of Ruin as many of the Ixalan flip cards are a bit too powerful for my liking. For now, though, I'll stay with just Scavenger Grounds.

Sunscorched Desert is a lot like Ramunap Ruins in that the extra point of damage it does adds up and helps push this deck tot he top tier. It's also a fantastic target to exile to activate Ramunap Ruins.

Abrade for when extra burn is needed, or extra artifact removal.

Aethersphere Harvester is great in the mirror matchup or even against Temur Energy. The small amount of life gain can be pivotal in games, and the beefy 3/5 body is hard to kill. Every creature out of the 26 creatures in this deck can crew this, so it's easy to get going.

Glorybringer because it nearly always finishes games within a turn or two of hitting the battlefield. Sure, it raises the curve for the deck a bit, but with 24 mana I haven't yet had a problem casting this.

Harsh Mentor is just a great card against Mardu Vehicles, any of the energy decks, and against a significant number of other cards. It's shocking the number of decks that have activated abilities as a staple part of their diet...

Magma Spray isn't quite as good now that zombies are gone and Lightning Strike is legal in the format, but it definitely has its uses and it's worth having an additional removal in the sideboard. However, now that Mono-black Aggro is a thing, this is an excellent answer to both Scrapheap Scrounger and Dread Wanderer.

Pia Nalaar for the control and Temur Energy matchups to get in a couple of additional, cheap flying creatures.

Puncturing Blow is fantastic removal for The Scarab God and Lyra Dawnbringer.

Thanks for looking at the deck! I hope you enjoy the deck and I hope that you try it and find great success.

The key to this deck is patience. Play fast and aggressively early, but don't waste creatures if there won't be good payoff later. That means trading creatures or getting in some damage by going wide, but without losing too many creatures. It's a deck that looks like it wants to win on turn 5, and in some cases might. However, my experience with the deck is that it requires patience and a willingness to get into a mid-range grind.

Good luck and happy spell-casting!

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Because of the Standard format rotation in a couple of weeks, I am changing this deck to Casual as too many of the cards will no longer be legal in the format. I will not be updating the deck any further.



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