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Yet Another Bant Spirits Deck

Modern GWU (Bant) Spirits


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Not too proud of myself this week. I went 2-0 against humans (remember to sideboard artifact-removal in), 0-2 against Tron (remember to take Aether Vial out), and 1-2 against Izzet Phoenix (keep sport removal in after board, maybe don't bring in Detention Sphere). In round 2 of the Tron game, I got down a Stony Silence, but he was able to naturally draw into Tron just before I got by Detention Sphere down, and I drew all three of my Aether Vials which were useless due to the Stony Silence. Against Phoenix, I did quite well in game 1, but lost to resolved Thing in the Ice in games 2 and 3.



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