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Pulled Void Stalker for Chromatic Lantern.

Figured the former was good for control decks, while the latter will help with mana balancing, in case Griselbrand or something doesn't have enough of their color mana.

In Two-Headed Giant this deck is devastation, but only if there's someone who can cover the early game for you. However, I had a teammate who could do that and the only time we lost was when he was mana screwed. I consider this deck playable, just not if you're by yourself.

So Ancient Tomb comes in for one of the Temple of the False God and Forbidden Orchard replaces Sulfurous Springs so what we have here can give a bit of flexibility for mana fixing. Instead of having to wait for 5 lands, we have Ancient Tomb immediately and the Forbidden Orchard doesn't give the other player too much when most of the creatures in this deck can swallow them whole.

So the Isochron Scepters are out, courtesy of me never reading the card and realizing how useless they were with the current deck.

Welcome Trinisphere and Sensei's Divining Top, two cards that will give survivability to this deck!

Griselbrand added, Slumbering Dragon is out. Void Stalker can stay because its just as silly as the rest of the deck.

It's a casual deck I just use for casual play around friends. I don't use it in any sanctioned event or even outside of the friends circle. Just thought I'd post it for giggles.


Comments rolled up, a few were irrelevant and the page was too long lol

November 19, 2012 9:47 a.m.

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