Your opponent can't win if they never take a turn...

Welcome everyone to my first attempt at a serious EDH deck that has shown a lot of power and control in multiplayer games throughout various FNM's and LGS's in my area.

Once the ball starts rolling there is little to nothing the enemy can do to stop you from taking complete control of the game and diving deep into your deck until you pull one of the various wincons or just beat face to get the W. All around it is just a fun deck to play and I've genuinely enjoyed piloting it over the course of the last few weeks. Enjoy!

DOOMSDAY COMBO: After playing an extra turn spell from Yennett's attack, or hard cast, play Doomsday then take out and place these 5 cards in order:

  1. Grand Abolisher

  2. Expropriate

  3. Scroll Rack

  4. Time Warp

  5. Nexus of Fate

Go into turn 2, drawing Grand Abolisher and playing him to secure the combo piece. Use any and all counterspells needed to secure this cast. Attack trigger Yennett to play Expropriate.

Go into Turn 3, draw and play Scroll Rack. Attack Trigger Yennett to play Time Warp or any turn spell you choose.

Go into turn 4, Draw Nexus of Fate tap Scroll Rack to place Nexus of Fate on top of your library. Attack trigger Yennett to play Nexus of Fate. Trigger causes Nexus of Fate to shuffle into your library.

Go into turn 5-INFINITY, repeat last turn. Kill all opponents with commander damage.

You can speed all of this up with Approach of the Second Sun if need be or if another piece is already in play.


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