Hail Phyrexia!

This is the third iteration of Yawgmoth, Thran Physician. Welcome back to Phyrexia everyone. A lot has changed along with the glory of our leader Yawgmoth's return. With this, we bring to you all the pits of Rath, and dig deeper into the madness that is the Phyrexian Culture (Minus 4 Praetors)

While infect is one way out of a game with this deck, we can deal with people through many other routes to include our own commander. Yawgmoth is very versatile to where he can enable a draw engine and combo engine for us to be able to deal with problems very fast and effectively. Essentially with Blood Artist, its free card draw and damage done to opponents. He becomes the sac outlet we always wanted. The typical Mike/Ballista is in the deck to make sure we can get the victory over our opponents if we need it. Old Razzy made his way into the deck and that took some convincing to get done.

As per all the -1/-1 counter decks, Nest of Scarabs found a home in here as well. Initially we had the Nest of Scarabs combo deck going with Blowfly Infestation but I played a Hapatra combo deck before building this and it reminded me too much of Hapatra.

Grave Titan + Nim Deathmantle found a home in this deck for infinite mana and infinite creatures. Infinite Draw engine as well for Yawgmoth.

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder he's some what of a strange one for this deck. I feel he has a home here, but I'm not 100% sold on him. Create fodder to sac to Yawgmoth for value. He feels like Ophiomancer. Great value card for the deck that enables my synergies along with my Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos.

It is important to know that this deck is very versatile. Thus, there may be win conditions in the #Wincon section that are not actually in the deck, but are in the maybe board. This is due to the amount of flexibility that this deck has, that we can use to our advantage. This deck can easily swap out two or three cards at our leisure in order to supplement a new win condition each and every game. With the addition of a "Challenge Mode" in the deck as well. Mortal Combat

This deck is designed to work with every piece that is inside of it. Keep in mind, just because there are a TON of win conditions and combos built within the deck, each part works with another part of other combos as well. Just because you have Syr Konrad without Bitter Ordeal, does not mean that it won't chain with something else. That is the beauty of this deck.

A tribute to the old days of magic when Urza and Yawgmoth were at war. Long live the great Phyrexian!

For the complete cEDH version of this deck, you can check it out here The Phyrexian Will (cEDH version)

You have reached the "Challenger Mode" win conditions.

Challenger win condition has been created in this deck to test the abilities of the deck to the maximum. There are two Challenger Mode win conditions that we may add into this deck: Mortal Combat

Revel in Riches

Keep in mind that the Challenger mode for Revel in Riches does NOT contain Pitiless Plunderer so you will need to make the tokens without the additional body. With this in mind, you'll want to make sure that you are maximizing your boardwipes and adding Toxic Deluge into the deck to best get you on your way to either win condition. Cards such as Life's Finale are also great additions to the deck despite being a 6 mana boardwipe.

Mortal Combat Challenger Mode was brought in as something fun and slow. People see it and always make sure that your graveyard doesn't have nearly as many as you would like to have for the win condition. The meta that I play in is great for Mortal Combat because it is a very graveyard hating meta (Despite everyone using there graveyard to some extent) With this in mind, Meteor Golem would be a great addition to our decks, but make sure to remove Torpor Orb from the current list in exchange. With the knowledge that Mikaeus, the Unhallowed can bring back Meteor Golem it may not be such a bad idea to try to chain together something with Yawgmoth and Meteor Golem for the value.

Victory Mode Section


Updates Add

Delayed Living Death? Lets set up the ability to remove our opponents graves or big stuff before we win the game. All Hallows is our 3rd Living Death in the deck. Something that the deck may use specifically to control our opponents or just outright win us the game on the 3rd living death.