Yasova Dragonclaw & comrades are coming for your creatures!

Hi! This deck is build around a thieving theme with a lot of sac outlets and steal options.

The main purpose is to steal creatures from opponents, give them haste, attack with them and either sacrifice them after or steal them permanently via, for instance, Bazaar Trader or Conjurer's Closet or flicker them into your command permanently with a spell like Ghostly Flicker.

There are sac outlets for different purposes in the deck. A card like Mimic Vat lets you create multiple copies of a creature, Greater Good offers card draw and Feed the Pack gives you tokens to sac again or to attack with.

Next to all the steals and sac outlets there are cards in the deck to make your life easier. With Rancor or Hero's Blade you can buff Yasova Dragonclaw to be able to steal bigger creatures. Kruphix, God of Horizons allows you to store colorless mana for later use on, for instance, a kicked Rite of Replication.

Opinions or card suggestions are more than welcome! I also included a lot of cards that I didn't end up choosing in the maybe-board.


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