Competitive Aluren/Alarm shell for Yarok, the Desecrated

General Combos :

Intruder Alarm + dorks + Banishing Knack / Retraction Helix , or alternatively Yarok, the Desecrated + Aluren + Shrieking Drake / Dream Stalker = infinite bounce for any creature Infinite bounce + any card-draw creature = infinite draw Infinite bounce + Cloud of Faeries + Yarok + 2 or more lands = infinite mana Infinite bounce + Intruder Alarm + dorks = infinite mana Infinite draw, bounce & mana + Eternal Witness (or just Noxious Revival ) = infinite spell casts of any spell in your deck (ex. Assassin's Trophy the board)

Currently a super flex spot is Walking Ballista . It's a simple mana dump, that will get you the game, but you can slot in other cards for alternative win cons.

If your interested in Yarok, the Desecrated and would like to brew up or discuss him in general, feel free to drop by the discord dedicated to him. Yarok Discord

Happy Brewing.

Other archetypes around this shell :

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