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Yarok: Throw your lands in the Air!

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai)



Similar baseline to other Aluren / Intruder Alarm shells, but with an added focus on land denial.

As one would expect, the goal is to sequence combinations of Baleful Strix effects with Shrieking Drake effects to produce arbitrary draw (and mana via Cloud of Faeries / Earthcraft / Intruder Alarm / etc) to kill the table with infinite Swan Song birds, infinite-sized hasty dorks via Finale of Devastation , or infinite bounce with Words of Wind to form a hard lock with Yarok's Fenlurker .

Yarok doubles up on punishing passives like Overburden and also accentuates parity breakers like Amulet of Vigor . This forms a great backbone to support lines involving Root Maze or Orb of Dreams . Under such lines, all your lands effectively get doubled and (since we're planning for it) we have ways to reconcile Overburden returning two lands to hand whenever a creature enters. Sakura-Tribe Scout and Llanowar Scout capitalize on Yarok's interaction with Intruder Alarm as well as Retreat to Coralhelm (which becomes an offensive tool in addition to being a combo piece). Arboreal Grazer scales along with Overburden (with or without Yarok) to break parity along that line and adds a tap clause for lands to further embellish Amulet of Vigor . Burgeoning helps maintain a faster pace than the table as well, given the unique texture of a 'landless' table.


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