This is my Lands matter Yarok, the Desecrated deck build. It uses lands, landfall and land ETB to shut down our opponents and finish the game quickly. Below are notable features of the deck as well as combos to win the game. Leave a comment if you have suggestions for cards or different interactions that i missed.

The recursion power of this deck means that even after board wipes we can rebuild the necessary pieces we need. The use of different recursion cards like regrowth, creeping resistance or eternal witness and being able to recur those cards multiple times means that our graveyards are the best place for cards to be. This also allows us to run a light removal package as we can recur any removal that we need to fit the situation. Whether you need spot removal or board wipes its not difficult to get them to your yard and recur them.
The card draw in this deck is based around lands. The best card draw effect we have is card:Tatyova, Benethic druid. Every time a land ETBs she will draw us a card and gain us a life, With Yarok in play she will give us two cards and two life. It is easy to draw four cards a turn with her in play. Tireless Tracker gives us clue tokens to draw cards and they pile up fast when Yarok is out. If you can flicker Mulldrifter he will give us four cards per ETB with Yarok in play. Combined with Yarok the card draw engine in this deck is extremely powerful and fast to fill your hand.
There are a few ways to make infinite mana in the deck.


Flicker Avenger of Zendikar while you have Phyrexian Altar and then sacrifice some of the plant tokens to the altar to make the mana you need to flicker Avenger again. Repeat the process until you have as much mana as you need. With Yarok out you should be making more than enough tokens to get you a plus on mana.


With seven lands in play (at least two of which are Islands) and Yarok, have card:Palichron ETB. This triggers Palichron's ability twice. The first one will resolve untapping the seven lands we used to play Palichron. Before the second trigger we will tap the seven lands to generate mana. The second trigger resolves untapping the lands. We tap the lands again so we have 14 mana in different colors. We spend to return Palinchron to hand and cast him again. We use 11 of the 14 mana we make each time we do a cycle of this combo.


This uses the Ghostly Flicker and Archaeomancer package along with a land sacrifice outlet and Splendid Reclamation while having Amulet of Vigor . With enough mana in your graveyard or field you can generate more mana than it cost to fuel the combo.

Step 1 :

Get Yarok, the Desecrated out as soon as possible. He makes all our enter the battlefield effects so much better. Make sure to keep some ETB land search effects in hand until after Yarok comes out.

Step 2:

After Yarok comes out you will hopefully have some ETB effects to get you more lands in hand or in play with flicker effects. Use these now for explosive ramp.

Step 3:

Now that we have a bunch of land in play and Yarok we can move on to ending the game. To do this we can gather a few different card combinations.

Combo 1:

This is the simplest way to win. Just cast Torment of Hailfire for as much as possible and burn everyone away.

Combo 2:

This has more pieces to it and requires a lot of mana to kill your opponents in one turn. It focuses around Ghostly Flicker and Archaeomancer with Ob Nixilis, the Fallen or Retreat to Hagra . You use the archaeomancer to return ghostly flicker and a recursion spell like Splendid Reclamation . With those cards in hand you will use a land sacrifice outlet to sac your lands. With lands in the graveyard you will cast splendid reclamation to return them to the battlefield. Which will deal damage to target opponent with Ob Nix or Hagra. Repeat this effect until your opponents are dead.

Combo 3:

This combo uses flicker effects as well but in a different aspect. For this one we are going to make tokens. Using Ghostly Flicker and Archaeomancer or using Deadeye Navigator we will need a lot of mana and Avenger of Zendikar . With either flicker package we are going to make avenger leave and ETB a bunch of times to generate a bunch of tokens. Once we have our token army we have two options, land drop a few times and swing or cast Finale of Devastation for X over ten to give all the plant tokens haste and +X/+X. This should be more than enough to finish all opponents.

Combo 4:

This is just a statement that a mix of each of these combos is possible such as using Rampaging Baloths instead of Ob Nix or Hagra in the third combo. Or using Avatar of Growth instead of collective voyage if you have a flicker package in combo 2.


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