“As my hands touched it, I realized that I had not found it — it had been leading me here.”

After Jiang Yanggu awoke to memory loss of his past, he set out on an expedition in search of his true identity. Mu Yanling was met along the way and now the two of them - though each guided by their own destinies - travel together to find what they're looking for.
While Mu Yanling is a hydromancer and controls the waters, Jiang Yanggu has the power over creatures of the forest and the magical power to enhance their strength. That happens to be a neat thing, because while Mowu, Loyal Companion always accompanies him - and if needed really packs a punch - to fight the Dreadhorde, Yanggu needed additional help. What better help than from the esteemed multi-headed serpent-creatures better known as 'hydras'? After all, if you're fighting a foe that numbers in the thousands, better to have some multi-headed allies to be your own backup.
I'm switching between Collective Voyage and Heroic Intervention as signature spells as I continue testing what I like better.


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