Xenagos, God of Revels is excited to finally get his trademarked steroid Xenaroid™ FDA approved and will be giving a list of his patients who want to kick some ass a healthy dosage of his drug. This is the ultimate Timmy's wet dream with a brutal collection of fatties that wants to just smash face and beat everyone to a pulp. You can stop one fatty, but you cannot stop a never ending onslaught every turn. It's a deal with it or die kinda thing. This deck average CMC is more than 4 but don't feel intimidated by it because I've playtested and tuned the deck enough where I have a good balance of ramp and ways to cheat fatties out. Feel free to playtest it and see how fun the deck can be!


Beat to a Pulp

The basic strategy is to ramp as hard as possible and get or play something like Elvish Piper to cheat fatties out ASAP. Getting Xenagos, God of Revels out before dropping a fatty is usually ideal. Most of the removals I run are in the form of creatures which make sense with a difficult to remove haste enabler in the command zone. This means that my opponents would not have an entire round to prepare for it as it will be out attacking the turn it comes down. I run a suite of removal consisting of Tyrant's Familiar for single target creature removal, Balefire Dragon for a one sided board wipe, Steel Hellkite as a versatile removal, and Hellkite Tyrant to deal with artifacts. There are multiple ways to kill before turn 6 without disruption as long as Xenagos didn't get removed or countered. There are some synergies that helps in moving the deck forward:

Hulk Smash

The nice thing about this deck is that there are numerous ways to close up the game. It's like a kick-your-ass buffet. The following are several of the notable win conditions in the deck:

+1 to fulfill every Timmy's wet dream!



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