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The deck functions as the second half to a coin.

There is Green and a sparse of White with it's mana ramp. Constantly getting lands out or to the hand; allowing decks in those colors to play more spells than the other players. Thus creating a mana gap.

People are aware of land destruction (LD). But they never seem to understand that it is simply the other side of the story; and the same exact thing as mana ramp. In the colors Red and Black (the opposing colors) you have LD.

What does LD do exactly? Besides, just destroying lands what you are doing is creating a mana gap; between you and the other players. Which then allows you to play more spells, than them.

Land Destruction is the same as Mana Ramp. Except one creates and the other destroys.

[Forget Blue, all Blue truly does is just change land colors]

Destroy lands. Majority of the LD spells are versatile, in terms of destroying lands or artifacts or creatures. Keep them mad but not mad enough to scoop.

This is the 5th revision of the deck. I wish I could show you guys all of the changes I've made to the deck over time, but I haven't figured that out yet. This deck started as just simply trying to be two of magics greatest "evils." Being LD, and extra turns. And now its trying to prove that LD isn't as bad as people make it seem.

I've had literally every single possible LD spell that is both in these colors and commander legal in this deck. It started off with a 93% competitive rating. But the rating doesn't mean much when in actual use the deck didn't play well.

Now the deck is starting to round out, and play well. It's properly functioning. Also it can handle itself in a multiplayer match or 1v1, even though somehow the competitive rating went down to 63%? Their grading scale on competitiveness is flawed.

If you have any suggestions or tips, to help this deck be more powerful while still functioning I am open to ideas.


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