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We have it on good authority from President Multani that our troops are in desperate need of salvage. As such, GRAVETIDE CORPORATION is proud to promote our RECYCLING PLAN!
Muldrotha here, founder and COO of GRAVETIDE. We need everything we can get to REDUCE our opposing forces, REUSE our materials, and RECYCLE our resources.

Remeber, OUR contribution means THEIR success. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

Here's a wonderful idea, let's take certainly isn't short on graveyard shenanigans in EDH, but this may be my favourite one yet. Muldrotha is able to cast one of any permanent type for each type of permanent from the graveyard, during each turn.

It was hard to omit a lot of commander staples for cards you probably don't see too often, but there is just so much you can do with this.

We have creatures that offer card advantage like Hapless Researcher or Alchemist's Apprentice. We have spot removal like Seal of Primordium or Pernicious Deed. We get repeated ramp like Lotus Petal. We even have tutors like Vessel of Nascency.

Now here's where it gets even more interesting. We can abuse the old mechanic "Cumulative Upkeep" to our advantage! Cards like Glacial Chasm, Mystic Remora, or even Elephant Grass can be cast, used for a turn and sacrificed only to be replayed again - without their original disadvantages.

The deck in a nutshell is trying to fill our graveyard, and trying to incorporate ways to reuse our creatures, lands, enchantments and artifacts.


Start with Muldrotha on the field, a cantrip and . Draw Hapless, sac to draw LED. Play it from the Grave to draw Animate Dead, Play LED twice to generate in response to casting Animate Dead from your hand for , returning Hapless Researcher. Use Hapless to draw and discard Phantasmal Image. Play Animate Dead using the mana from LED getting back Phantasmal Image. This initiates a loop of Infinite Mana which can then be used to replay Laboratory Maniac and Hapless Researcher for the win.

Alternatively, there is the efficient pile:

With Gitaxian Probe in our hand to jump start this, all this requires is to initiate.

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