Here's a WUR Delver deck I'm currently using in Pauper on MTGO. in the future I plan on either adding some more white cards or toning back the white mana, but for now the deck is playable. Hopefully the sideboarding guide will prove usefull, although I think that most players understand Delver by now.

Sideboarding Guide:

Kor Sanctifiers: Sideboard these in whenever you see enchantments as a threat, for example, when your delvers keep getting shut down by Journey to Nowhere. You can replace both of your Gideon's Lawkeepers, as well as any combination of [[vapour snag]s] or [journey to nowhere]]s, depending on your opponents other threats.

Kor Hookmaster: Swap in your Hookmasters in the place of three AEther Adepts and a Vapour Snag so that you can shut down your opponents creatures without having to return them to your opponents hand. This is useful when it is beneficial for your opponent to play the card multiple times, such as an [aether adept]] of their own.

Counterspell: This swaps in with your Mana Leaks. It is useful when you need to counter spells in the late game and your opponent has 3 extra mana open. It is also important to note that counterspell often cant be used early in the game with this deck, as it has 3 colours, and 4 Karoo lands.

Fireblast: If youre up against an opponent who is light on creature spells you can use this in the place of your Lawkeepers or Adepts to get in some more damage, which may be critical in some matchups. It can also boost your instant and sorcery to other card ratio to help flip your delvers.

Journey to Nowhere: Replace a Vapor Snag if your opponent is running creatures that you want to get rid of permenanttly.

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