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WUR Control T2 - Calm down, control and potatoe





After making a lot of fight versus few poeple with my WU: http://www.magic-ville.com/fr/decks/showdeck.php?ref=513470. It seems only fully aggro deck in T2 destroy me 3/4 games. So I'v create a new deck tricolors for counter easely with blast a fast aggro and finish my ennemy in mid game (or late).

For me it's very important to control the board during all the game.

My beginning card:

Shock x4

Negate x2

With those cards I can easely control the board during beginning of a game.

My mid game card:

Skywhaler's Shot x4


Fevered Visionsx3

Sweltering Suns x3

Blessed Alliance x2

Dovin Ban x2

My two favorites cards is surely the Skywhaler's Shot and Disallow. This cards are very strong at mid game.Glimmer of Genius can help you to find the cards you need and gain energy for using the aether hub effect.Sweltering Suns is very good, it's a little like a fumigate but very efficient versus a token and fast invocation aggro deck.Fevered Visions is very efficient using vs a deck using a draw effect or control like BG, U or WU. But you need to change this card faster for a Thing in the ice or Weaver of lightning versus an aggro deck.Blessed Alliance, this card can save your life when it's gonna hard for you. Using is two effect, the first and the third.Dovin Baan is more a support. He make an ennemy creature no more efficient, can tempo with is -1 and the -7 clearly control token/aggro deck. With Thing in the Ice that really fun to play.

Late Game/Finisher

Enigma Drake x3

Torrential Gearhulk x2

Cryptic Serpent x2

I love some much those cards, so efficient in a control deck with a lot of instants. You can play one of this card in mid game and finish, just waiting to counter a lot your opponent, exhaust him a lot and... Use Enigma or Cryptic. You need to use the cryptic the more faster you can (be sure you have a disallow or something for protect him, like your torrential with the free cast of a instant in your graveyard, and your oppenent is low mana), thats gonna make your ennemy cry for sure. Seeing two big monster commin so easely on the board.

Don't forget: The torrential need to be use like a counter spell. Don't simply invoc him..

If you have something to say about this deck I'm listenning!See ya!



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