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[WUG Cumulative upkeep] The End of the Line

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Today, a more tricky deck. We'll try to get the most advantages possible from Cumulative upkeep!

There is 2 main ways to play this deck : - Either have as much age counters as you can handle to trigger effects based on the number of age counters on a permanent - or just make it impossible for permanent to have counters, to play cheap fatties

The first option is mostly found in the sideboard, so I'll focus more on the second option here. The key card is Solemnity. If you manage to put this card on the field early, then you can drop some big "cumulative upkeepers" like Vexing Sphinx, Sheltering Ancient, or Phyrexian Soulgorger! If Solemnity doesn't come early, you can then annoy your opponent with some Mana Chains, or draw with Mystic Remora, while cancelling upkeep costs with Suncleanser.

Here is an example of a good start : Turn 1 : Birds of Paradise Turn 2 : Phyrexian Soulgorger Turn 3 : Sacrifice Birds of Paradise, cast Suncleanser, attack with your 8/8

And if you are close to die, Sustaining Spirit is here to keep you in the game.

How's that plan?


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