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Commander / EDH* Casual Counters Five Color Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick


lots of X spells, big creatures, and cool ways to play with lands, mana and counters... this is just super fun to play...

ramp into Ramos, Dragon Engine , cast a charm, then use his 2xWURBG ability to play Progenitus all on turn 6 ... ultimate WTF look from unsuspecting opponents... glory to the robodragon.

ramos fresh on board, cast Hadana's Climb  , place counter on ramos @ combat, enjoy flipped out legendary land stuff.

Burgeoning and Ramunap Excavator are epic fun on the field at the same time, coupled with Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , Myriad Landscape , and other ramping/fixing land technology, missing land drops is mathematically impossible. don't google that.

key card interactions include:

counter multipliers: Doubling Season / Corpsejack Menace / Hardened Scales / Winding Constrictor

counter play: Retribution of the Ancients / Forgotten Ancient / Reyhan, Last of the Abzan / Vorel of the Hull Clade / Hadana's Climb   / Marchesa, the Black Rose / Song of Freyalise / Chamber Sentry

mana fuckery: Ramunap Excavator / Nissa, Steward of Elements / Chromatic Lantern / Bounty of the Luxa / Joiner Adept / Burgeoning

mana outlets: Exsanguinate / Black Sun's Zenith / Villainous Wealth / Profane Command / Debt to the Deathless / Magmaquake / Oracle of Nectars / Hangarback Walker

wubrg lols: Progenitus / Door to Nothingness / Legacy Weapon / Conflux

Updates Add

went out for the Sunday to play sealed and multiplayer EDH. really great people and opponents to joke and laugh with, easing the sting of going 2/4 in sealed and 0/2 edh...

got Burgeoning signed, lost it before putting it into the deck... so 5 mins before the EDH rounds I found another copy with a vendor, got it signed, put it directly into the deck, and off we go...

from packs won I opened an Electrodominance and Stomping Ground , swapping in for Magmaquake and Endless Sands .

a good day. i was high on the pot the whole time too!

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