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Hi guys. I want to much to complete a Mill / Control deck based in discard. I made this first list, but please, help me with more ideas, suggestions, etc.

Need more draw cards suggestions too. This kind of deck, you must always have cards in hand i guess.


For the cards i included, here is what i use them for:

Supreme Verdict: Game cleaner. Will sure help me when the opponent have many creatures. As i have few creatures in my deck, won't hit me.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage: Nice game holder.

Index: Arrange my game.

Thought Scour: I include it more for the draw card ability

Think Twice: Another draw card.

Dissipate: Counter something when i have no other removal in hand.

Terminus: Mass creature removal.

Detention Sphere: Great removal too.

Curse of Exhaustion: Holds opponents game a lot. Used before Cyclonic Rift, will sure break opponent game.

Jace, Memory Adept: Will be used to discard opponent deck.

Tablet of the Guilds: A way to recover my life.

Entreat the Angels: This puts into game strong 4/4 angels, that i can use either to kill opponent by life, or just hold in defense till its deck is over.

Mind Sculpt: Powerful discard. Maybe i should make room for some more of it.

Psychic Spiral: Can be a game ender. If i have lots of cards in my graveyard...

Undead Alchemist: Used mostly to remove opponents creatures discarded from game, and give my 2/2 zombies for defense.

Isperia, Supreme Judge: Help me draw cards.

Sphinx's Revelation: Draw cards option and recover my life.

Cyclonic Rift: self explainer card.

Glacial Fortress




Updates Add

  • 1 Entreat the Angels : Powerfull for game holding, and may give me an alternative way to win the game.
  • 2 Azorius Charm : Nice alternative to draw card or return to top of library. Returning it, opponent loses a draw turn.
  • 2 Syncopate : Needed few more counterspells.
  • 1 Jace, Memory Adept and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage : 3 were too much. 1 of each for side agains decks with planeswalker destruction spells.And added sideboard.


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