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A human based aggro deck focusing around hexproof creatures and enchantments. Includes a fair amount of control and tries to be as non-interactionable as possible in combat.


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#1 in tournament @ One Eyed Jacques — July 20, 2012

Round 1: 2-0 vs. Solar Flare

Game One: I had a decent draw game one, he didn't really have an answer for geist and spirit mantle.
Game Two: Stalker and angelic destiny put him on a quick clock, and I mana leaked his wrath for the win.

Round 2: 2-1 vs. Heartless Summoning

Game One: another good draw, plus I actually won a roll which put me ahead by enough to eek out a win before his havengul lich + heartless summoning + perilous myr combo went off.
Game Two: Said combo went off. I got him to 3 and then he blasted me for 14 direct damage.
Game Three: Stalker + angelic destiny won it handily.

Round 3: 0-2 vs. Wg Humans

Game One: I got stomped. He won the roll and his deck was flat out faster than mine. It went something like this: Champion - Mayor - Paladin - Hero - Sigarda - GG.
Game Two: A bit more competitive, but I still got steamrolled. In hindsight, I didn't side in properly.

Round 4: 2-0 vs. Naya Pod

Game One: Got a geist and angelic destiny out, he didn't draw acidic slime/naturalize/bonfire/etc.
Game Two: Got a geist and spirit mantle out and made my flyer a lifelinker with pilgrim, both were quick games.

Semi-Finals: 2-0 vs. Wg Humans

Game One: I won the roll this time, went first, and won a close race.
Game Two: I sided in Pacifism for Thalia, and shut down his double striking hero of bladehold that also had rancor attached. It was a blowout.

Finals: 2-0 vs. Tempered Steel

Game One: I played Champion into Thalia, giving me enough time to mana leak his tempered steel, then fiend hunter his etched champion, giving me enough time to complete the beatdown with hero of bladehold.
Game Two: I got a sword of war and peace equipped on a stalker, traded blows, and won a very closely contested game by one life, while I was sitting at 9 infect due to inkmoth nexus/gavony township.


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